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Gardening with a Spoon

By: Nilsa Garcia-Rey I first started gardening with my grandmother in the Bronx where she lived with my grandfather in Kingsbridge Terrace. They lived in a fine old apartment house made of fieldstone that faced the Hudson River. The building may have once been a grand stone mansion, because it also had a nice sized backyard […]


Soy Sauce: Making and Applications with Rich Shih

We welcome you to join us for the first OurCookQuest Soy Sauce Applications and Making Workshop at Round the Bend Farm. The beginning of the session will cover a variety of soy sauce applications to enhance your cooking beyond stir frying like: chutney, compound butter and caramel sauce. After the cooking demonstrations, we will walk through the […]

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Collaborative & Regenerative Land Management

Collaborative & Regenerative Land Management with Livestock Co- Contributors Lauren Miller-Donnelly of Mass Audubon’s Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary and Geoff Kinder of Round the Bend Farm and Paradox Acres At Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary, a patchwork of invaluable wildlife habitat stretches across the landscape. A primary goal at this Mass Audubon property is the management […]

Medicinal Majesty of Stinging Nettles

By: Benoit Azagoh-Kouadio The springtime turn brings out one of our favorite vernal vegetables at Round the Bend Farm (RTB): Nettles! Infamous itches, riling rashes, and bristly burns, who does not know the common “Stinging Nettle” from the many motherly admonitions and filial fears it inspires? Here at RTB, we value the lowly nettle for the […]

Laura’s Dragonfire tincture

By: Laura Killingbeck Dragonfire tincture is a blend of three special medicinal herbs–turmeric, tulsi, and black pepper– that work in harmony with each other to reduce inflammation and support the immune system.  Turmeric is used widely in western medicine as well as traditional practices, to treat chronic and acute conditions.  Black pepper increases turmeric’s bioavailability […]

Friendly Dragon Pepper Mixes recipe

By: Laura Killingbeck Friendly Dragon Pepper Mixes Most people stock spicy chile powder in the kitchen.  But what about a mild chile pepper powder?  Peppers come in an array of flavors and colors that make delicious, fragrant, powdered spice. Red Friendly Dragon Pepper Mix Use any sweet red peppers, like lunch box peppers or bell […]

Anti-Bacterial Products – Keep Them Out of Your Septic System

From Westport River Watershed Alliance Roberta Carvalho, WRWA Science Director Marketing tactics influencing the fear of bacteria and dirt have driven the demand for antibacterial soaps and products. Consumers are barraged with commercials showing that bacteria is harmful and causes illness. There are typically 40 million bacterial cells in a gram of soil and a […]