January 2014


I hope the new year finds you in warm company and good spirits as we welcome the return of the light and the promise of a new year. For me, winter is a time to pour over seed catalogs, fine tune production plans and start dreaming about those first greens of spring and an abundance of summer vegetables. This year, the visioning process is especially poignant as I make the transition to Round The Bend Farm, where I will be managing the gardens and starting my own micro-business. As a farmer who was attracted to the profession for its potential to restore the health of our communities as well as our planet, I’m humbled by the opportunity to join the community of growers, educators, and social entrepreneurs charged with the task of working towards a more resilient and sustainable future at RTB.

Please look forward to future posts and information regarding Vegetable CSA memberships!

Gratefully Yours,

Ashley Brister
Produce Farmer and Social Entrepreneur
Round The Bend Farm