By: Laura Killingbeck
Dragonfire tincture is a blend of three special medicinal herbs–turmeric, tulsi, and black pepper– that work in harmony with each other to reduce inflammation and support the immune system.  Turmeric is used widely in western medicine as well as traditional practices, to treat chronic and acute conditions.  Black pepper increases turmeric’s bioavailability exponentially.  Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, has also been used medicinally for thousands of years, and is recognized for its ability to reduce inflammation and help the body adapt to physical and emotional stress.
I began growing turmeric and tulsi eight years as part of an organic agroforestry system at Rancho Mastatal Sustainability Education Center in Costa Rica.  I started growing turmeric because I loved its vibrant color, and tulsi and later black pepper because I felt mesmerized by their fragrance and flavors.  I loved these plants and wanted to be around them.  As the years went by, I read more about their incredible medicinal properties, and started using them in teas, salves, and other medicinal preparations.  Dragonfire tincture became one of my favorite medicinal recipes with these lovely plants.
Dragonfire tincture is a made mostly from herbs that I grow organically in Costa Rica, supplemented with herbs from other organic growers.  I hope to be able to supply all my own hand grown herbs soon for these tinctures.  I dry the herbs in a solar dehydrator and make the tincture in small batches based on standard medicinal ratios.
People take this tincture when they want extra immune support, or to reduce inflammation.  One special benefit of this type of tincture is that its very easy to use and has a longer shelf life than many other types of herbal preparations.  You can keep a bottle in your medicine cabinet and have it there when you need it.