Biodiversity: Diversity is ever-present in the ecosystems at RTB and is central to our mission. Discovering the natural, social, and built systems at the farm is to explore diversity in all its forms.

Biology: The vast study of living things has endless opportunities at the farm. The sky is the limit!

Climate Science and Weather: Climate change will have profound effects on our collective future. How we understand and respond to the challenges is complex and crucial. We focus on solutions at RTB and aim to inform and empower the next generations to do the same. In addition to climate change discussions, meteorological study can be supported at the farm

Ecosystems: The diverse ecosystems that exist at Round The Bend include, temperate forest, grassland, pasture, cultivated agricultural land, wetlands, and littoral zones. Exploration, observation, and scientific inquiry in any/all of these special environments is possible.

Plants and seeds: Botany, plant morphology and anatomy, photosynthesis, genetics, life cycle, environmental interactions, forestry, and molecular/cell biology are just some of the plant related lessons that could be provided for students. We can explore cultivated plants as well as wild plants in all their stages of life.

Water: Water is the basis for all life and we think about it all the time. We are located adjacent to Allens Pond Wildlife Sabctuary and Buzzards Bay; both greatly influence the ecosystems, weather, and conditions at the farm. Many lessons can be tailored around water; including irrigation and water saving systems, the water cycle, erosion, or wetlands ecology.

Wetlands Ecology: The coastal wetlands that separate the land from the sea are important in countless way and are worthy of study and protection. A visit to the farm, which is positioned on the edge of a major wetland system, can be a great way to learn about this crucial habitat. The Lloyd Center for the Environment in Dartmouth are amazing wetlands educators, check them out too!


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