Educational offerings allow us to connect and share with the community. And on a working farm, the potential for hands-on learning and experiential discovery is limitless!

In 2018, RTB began providing regular school field trips with additional on-site workshops, directed by Education Manager, Nate Sander. From animal husbandry and vermiculture to tiny house living and permaculture, educational visits to RTB expose learners to new paradigms of living and exciting possibilities. Our four ‘tracks’ guide farm visitors along the following themes: Earth and Life Science, Engineering and Design, Farming and Agriculture, and RTB Passions. Each track offers opportunities for visitors to get their hands dirty and work alongside members of the team. Beginning with the farm tour as a foundation, field trips are a full- or half-day occasion to dig into the big picture. RTB educational programming is based on a sliding scale to ensure that all students can experience the farm, regardless of economic means. Any amount paid above the baseline per-student-cost goes towards scholarships to those students in need.