Elements Learning Collaborative, Inc. (ELC) is a non-profit organization that provides consistent, year-round, and affordable outdoor education and project-basedlearning programs as an alternative schooling option for families of elementary aged children in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Our mission at ELC is to provide children of diverse backgrounds with a holistic, joyful, and child-centered learning experience in nature while fostering social and emotional development as well as responsibility and independence.  Our holistic education philosophy allows learners to explore their interests & multiple intelligences.  It is a philosophy that aims to guide “each person to find identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to the community, to the natural world, and to humanitarian values such as compassion and peace.  Holistic education aims to call forth from people an intrinsic reverence for life and a passionate love of learning.”  (Ron Miller -Pioneer in Holistic Education) While playing or working alongside peers and adult guides, learners explore the interconnectedness of culture and nature.  ELC utilizes nature and our community as the wellspring of resources because we believe that a healthy connection to one’s community is crucial for children to become positive contributors to society.

Programs that take place at RTB Farm


Elements Nature Program is a year-round, nature-based, drop-off learning program, geared toward children ages 4-10 years old.  Since 2018, Elements has operated as a licensed recreational camp at Round The Bend Farm: A Center for Restorative Community (RTB) in South Dartmouth, MA.  Using the natural setting of the farm and nature trails Elements provides a holistic learning approach wherethe curriculum is child-led and responsive to the learner’s needs.  We incorporate hands-on education of local ecosystems, healthy movement, food systems, art, literature, mathematics, science, music, and social thinking.   By fostering a healthy lifestyle, children gain self-awareness and self-confidence to problem solve more easily.   When children are given the time to learn through play, hands-on tasks, and self discovery, learning is meaningful, relevant, and lasting.


Elements Family Day is a nature-based learning experience for the entire family!  Families meet up weekly to learn through exploration of the natural ecosystems, gardening, foraging, a variety of handiwork skills, natural movement, and brain-healthy play.


As educators and parents, we believe it is important for learners, young and old to have a deeper understanding and connection to our local social ecology.  To do our part to meet this need, we have created our Social Studies Circle, with the goal to cultivate compassion, perspective, and equity for all people through an anti-biased, anti-racist, and developmentally appropriate curriculum.

Other programs Elements offers

ELEMENTS AT HOME A combination of virtual and downloadable curriculum to inspire nature exploration wherever you are.

HOMESCHOOL WORKSHOPS Our Homeschooling Framework guides families to create a customized, joyful, and holistic learning experience at home. We also host free quarterly virtual gatherings for parents and guardians.

Rachel Medeiros & Cristy O’Brien

For more information about Elements Learning Collaborative check out their website elementslearning.org or email Rachel & Cristy at elementslearning@gmail.com