Animal Science/Husbandry: A diverse array of domesticated animals are bred and raised at RTB. Our animals are managed through a rotational grazing plan and great consideration is given to nutrition and holistic care. We strive to give all our animals a happy and stress-free life.

Beekeeping: Our resident beekeeper , Lucy Tabit, has been raising bees at RTB for over 5 years. We have 7 hives that produce amazing honey and help with important task of pollenating plants all over the farm.

Composting: Composting systems are crucial at RTB. We recognize that nature does not produce waste and try to mimic this as much as possible. Garden scraps and clippings are fed to the animals, and in turn, compost from the pigs, cows, goats, and chickens provide soil fertility all across the farm. We have 8 composting toilets on the farm that conserve water and allow us to capture nutrients and we even have employ worms to make compost (vermiculture).

Cooking and Nutrition: We agree with Hippocrates that food is medicine. Understanding how food fuels our bodies and keeps us well is more relevant now than ever. Learning how to grow, prepare, and celebrate healthy food is a big part of what we do at RTB.

Fermentation: The ancient art of fermentation is an integral part of life on the farm. Using the power of microbes and various techniques we make kimchi, sauerkraut, bread, yogurt, pickles, kombucha just to name a few. Come learn these simple yet fascinating skills to preserve food while adding great health benefits.

Food Processing: Understanding how to grow food is the first step. Learning how to transform what you grow into an eatable product is a fundamental homesteading skill and something we take great pride in. Processes from canning to cheese making, from curing meats to nixtamalization can all be explored at RTB.

Gardening/ Organic Growing: We cultivate all kinds of gardens at RTB. Our resident veggie farmer, Ashley, is a market grower who raises a variety of organic vegetables, we have herb and flower gardens, orchards, and perennial areas. From soil health to seed starting, planting to harvest, the amazing world of growing can be experienced here.

Hand Tool Usage: The legacy of hand tools in agriculture goes back thousands of years. The physical aspects and connection to the land that hand tools provide is special and worth learning about. We do use tractors and gas powered or electric tools at the farm when needed but try to work with simple hand tools whenever we can. This includes farm/garden and carpentry tools.

Herbalism and Botanical medicine: We grow a multitude of medicinal plants and herbs to support the humans, animals, and other plants that call RTB home. The growing and processing

Permaculture: Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles centered around simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems. We try to model nature as much as possible and examples of this live in many permaculture systems across the farm.

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