Located in rural South Dartmouth and situated on 115 acres, RTB offers a pristine and rare setting for your special day. Our farm incorporates exceptional event space within a working farm and natural landscape that will provide your guests with an extraordinary and memorable experience.

In order to create a unique and intimate venue, we have chosen to host a very limited amount of weddings per year so that we can create a wedding that adheres deepy to our mission.  By hosting only an exclusive number of weddings, we believe we are honoring our community and our own carrying capacity to host meaningful, love-filled and sustainable events.

As a Center for Restorative Living, we are always considering our impact on the earth and its inhabitants, as we strive to create and be part of a community that heals and restores our planet, our relationships, our food systems and our overall well-being. We believe that climate change exists, that over-consumption is abounding, and that all too often we are disconnected from our own selves, let alone the planet. Understanding that with every decision we make, we have the opportunity to be part of the solution or part of the problem, we strive to restore balance- daily, weekly, monthly- and hope it will make a small dent over the course of our lifetimes.

weddings5Hosting ONLY sustainable events supports this balance and our mission to educate, cultivate, and empower all that come to the farm about restorative living. Going green does not in any way impede our ability to host a truly remarkable experience for you and your guests, in fact we believe it enhances it. The main objective of a sustainable event is to decrease its impact on the planet. In addition to the environmental benefits, a sustainable event can also have substantial social and economic benefits for our local community – including supporting small farmers, artisans, vendors and chefs.

What constitutes a Green Wedding at RTB?

  • We strive to have at minimum 75% of all food on your plate come from the local community. We define local as being within 60 miles of our farm. By purchasing local, seasonal food we are supporting farmland and the viability of farms and farmers, decreasing our carbon footprint, and increasing the freshness, quality and taste of the food we serve.
  • Contracting local vendors supports and contributes to a circular economy that strengthens the economic base of our communities, restores the regional infrastructure, and preserves local culture.
  • We work with local florists and growers that do not chemically treat their flowers with toxins or import them from outside of the country.
  • Less transportation of goods means less pollution which creates cleaner air and a healthier community and environment.
  • Car-pooling is encouraged, as is providing shuttle services for out-of-town guests staying at local hotels and B&Bs.
  • Reduction of waste, the majority of materials generated from an event will be composted and recycled, thus creating a limited amount of trash.  We do not use disposable dishes, utensils, napkins, paper towels or glasses.
  • Exposes your guests to the tastes, beauty and significance of what a sustainable event represents.

Need an example of how sustainable a wedding can be? Check out a past wedding report card HERE.

If you are interested in using us as a venue, please email us at info@roundthebendfarm.org or call 508.938.5127.