Joshua started volunteering at Round the Bend Farm in 2021, after earning a B.S. in Biology (with a research focus in comparative immunology) at nearby UMASS Dartmouth and spending several years at Helfand Farm Community Gardens (where he currently serves as a Board of Director). Joshua began as an apprentice to Geoff Kinder of Paradox Acres, learning all aspects of farming including animal husbandry, fencing, land management, compost production, haymaking, and vegetable cultivation. He now serves as a herdsman of cattle, pigs, and occasionally goats. In his time at RTB, Joshua has worked with Geoff in implementing intensive rotational cattle grazing systems at both RTB and other local farms. With an eye towards land preservation and conservation Joshua works to raise livestock with the land instead of on it. His primary goal is to keep the land and animals healthy and working together while producing the healthiest meat possible.
Recently, Joshua became one of our agripreneurs, focusing primarily on raising pigs and keeping a mixed flock of poultry for egg and meat production. In the future, he plans to breed and raise purebred Gloucestershire Old Spots, with an eye toward integrating the pigs into land management as well as compost and food production.