April 20th 2024 – Baby dwarf goats steal the show at Open Farm Day

July 20th 2023 – Healey-Driscoll Administration Announces $26.3 Million in Grants to Improve Food Security and Resiliency Across Massachusetts

March 28th 2023- New ‘kids’ on. the block at Round the Bend Farm

Sept. 30th, 2023 – Annawon Weeden Organizes Wampanoag Experience Powwow

Sept. 20th, 2022 – Powwow celebrates Wampanoag culture at local farm

Sept. 13th 2022 – ‘More education is needed’: Why this Wampanoag PowWow Experience is coming to Dartmouth

Sept. 13th, 2022 –Essay: Wampanoag Experience Project highlights Native history in the South Coast area

May 25th 2022- Dartmouth Week -Round the Bend Farm welcomes nine new piglets


Stonehill Alumni Magazine – Summer/Fall 2020 “A Basic Requirement for Life- Five Alumni Working on the Food Crisis”

April 26th 2020- Local farms adjust to keep South Coast fed

July 20th 2019- Butterfly and climate talks at Round the Bend Farm

April 20th 2019- Children kid around with baby goats for Open Farm Day

June 16th 2018 – Round the Bend Farm testing out new summer program

April 27th 2018 – Round the Bend Farm in Dartmouth offers monthly tours, workshops 

Jan. 2nd 2018- 3 Easy Ways to Preserve Garlic 

Oct. 5th 2017- It’s tremendously important

Sept. 16th 2017 – Round the Bend Farm showcases new animals, buildings, and crops

April 22nd 2017 – Earth Day was Agriculture Day at the East Freetown Grange

Dec. 15th 2016 – Dartmouth farmers participate in pilot program, bring fresh food to low-income neighborhoods


Fall 2016 – Sharing the Harvest with Subsidized CSA’s

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 9.33.57 AM

Sept. 3, 2016 – The Alchemy of Cooking Together

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 3.29.26 PM

Aug. 20, 2016 – From the ground up: Mark your calendar for trunk show, music, brewing and farm days 

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August 15, 2016 – Count on real farmers for leadership 

June 12, 2016 – Round The Bend Farm host raw cooking class

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June 12, 2016 – Round The Bend Farm host three-hour composting demo, farm tour 

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May 5, 2016 – How to make an Herbal Tonic

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May 2, 2016 – Round the Bend Farm Sustainability Programs

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Feb. 24, 2016 – Get an Early Start to Spring at Agriculture & Food Conference 

Oct. 23, 2015 – Mass in Motion to offer CSA farm program at city housing developments

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9/28/2015 – Raw Food Workshop for Helfand Community Gardens

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9/15/2015 – Fermentation Series

11/3/2014 – Marion Institute President Leaving Post

6/22/2014 – Bees Are All the Buzz on SouthCoast

4/19/2014 – No Lamb on This Holiday Table

April 20th 2024- Out and About: Round the Bend’s ‘Farmraiser’

August 18th, 2023- Playwright brings history of Paul Cuffe to the stage at Dartmouth Farm

June 18th, 2023 – Education is the name of the game at Round the Bend farm

Feb. 2nd, 2023-Dartmouth Nonprofit Excited to ‘Manifest Love’ with New Food Truck

Sept. 18th 2022 – ‘A little noise:’ Hundreds gather to experience Dartmouth powwow


June 19th, 2021- Juneteenth honored at Round the Bend with poetry, history lessons

April 17th, 2021- Full Open Farm Days Return to Round the Bend

March 1st 2021 – The Goatbusters are hard-working ‘kids’ in Dartmouth

Sept. 21st 2019- First-ever Garlic and Arts Festival spices up Round the Bend Farm

June 30th 2019-“Bobolink Breakfast” highlights restoration work around Allens Pond

June 17th, 2019- Round the Bend shakes things up for Open Farm Day

July 21st 2018- ‘Agripreneurs’ keep things growing at Round the Bend Farm 

May 19th 2018 – Foodies delight in feeding earth, creating own food at home 

April 22nd 2018 – Children dig opening spring event at Round the Bend Farm

Nov. 18th 2017 – A conservation project for the ages 

Sept. 29th 2017 – Officials celebrate protection of Ocean View Farm

May 20th 2017 – Beekeeper offers a peek inside her hives 

Dec. 21 2016 – The Real Permaculture Fantasy: Transforming the farm into food


Oct. 4 2016 – Farm Tour at Round the Bend Farm 

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 9.49.21 AM

Aug. 20, 2016 – Locals learn to make cleaning products from scratch

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 2.42.41 PM

Aug. 11, 2016 – Round the Bend celebrates new education center

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May 9, 2016 – Open Farm Day brings local produce, expertise to Dartmouth

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May 4, 2016 – Round the Bend to host herb workshop

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Mar. 13, 2016 – Warm winter may lead to an early farm season on SouthCoast

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Dec. 27, 2015 – Round the Bend Farm breaks ground on Education Center

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Sept. 2015 – Laura Killingbeck’s Debut Article on Food storage!

9/21/2015 – Fermentation Class, Connector Series

8/18/2015 – Canning Workshop at Dartmouth Grange

7/30/2015 – Leadership SouthCoast & RTB

Oct. 30, 2014 – Embracing the Fungus Among Us

Winter 2014 – A Farm That’s More: Round the Bend • A Center for Restorative Community