RTB is collaborating with the Town of Dartmouth, MA on their Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Grant (MVP). The MVP Grant is a state-level climate program that “supports cities and towns as they build resilience to climate change.’ Dartmouth is inspecting their most vulnerable town sites that would be affected by climate change – especially in this area where one of those challenges is coastal flooding – and working with Comprehensive Environmental Inc., an engineering firm, to design nature-based, resiliency plans for some of those at-risk sites. Along with the Lloyd Center for the Environment, Round the Bend Farm is working on the education of nature-based solutions that are sustainable – and some can even be done by you! You can learn more at EngageDartmouth.org/mvp-program click the link here https://qrco.de/bf5sFo
So, nature-based solutions – what does that look like around here? ….This is when we🌟model nature🌟 when thinking of ways to sustain and restore our environment. At RTB, one of the ways we do that is through our composting toilets! There’s no such thing as true ‘waste’ in nature; something is always going to be dinner for something else, whether that be for a deer or mycelium. Our compost toilets conserve our precious resource of water, better used elsewhere on the farm, and the ‘waste’ can safely be returned to the earth elsewhere, becoming some other organism’s food. The great part about it is that anyone can have a compost toilet!
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