Round the Bend Farm (RTB), a Center for Restorative Community, located in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts is a 115-acre working farm and educational non-profit. We are a living laboratory that cultivates, educates, and empowers people of all ages. We are devoted to the global paradigm shift toward hope and abundance by valuing diversity, modeling nature, and redefining wealth.

At RTB, three guiding principles serve as the compass in all of our efforts:
Valuing Diversity
Modeling Nature
Redefining Wealth

Each choice that we make on the farm seeks to enhance and promote life. We aim to exemplify a lifestyle that respects and consciously works with the environment, using the resources offered by nature to their “highest good”. We are deeply aware that we are a part of nature’s complex web of interdependence. In each choice that we make as a team, we consider: What is the impact on nature? How can we use this resource to its full potential? And finally, how can we share these lessons with our community? Empowering others to make choices that are in line with their highest good is our ultimate goal as living laboratory.