The Arts: Creativity is revered at Round The Bend and used on a daily basis to solve problems, improve systems, and celebrate the beauty of the farm. We have several staff members that could facilitate a creative process with youth or just get the paints out and make a mess. We are open to your ideas of how we can use the farm to empower the inner artist in all of us.

Human Impact on the Environment: Engage in discussion and raise questions using examples about local resources (including soil and water) humans use to meet their needs. Observe and discuss the impact of people’s activities on the local environment.

Health and Wellness: The health of the environment, the plants and animals, and all the humans that work on or visit the farm is so important to us. It influences every decision we make. And we are happy to share what we have learned over the years and help

Homesteading: We strive for a lifestyle of self-sufficiency at RTB. We focus on subsistence agriculture, preservation of food, creative ways to reduce waste, conserve energy, and repurpose materials, and developing skills of resiliency

Social Justice: Aspects of social justice permeate all we do. This term can be defined in many ways and means different things to different people. We are dedicated to live our ethics of environmental stewardship, access to education, redefining wealth, community health, inclusivity, and love.

Sustainable Living: The concept of sustainable living is a cornerstone of our work. Our farming and land management practices, renewable energy infrastructure, communal living, food production, and overarching philosophy help to shrink our carbon footprint, reduce consumption, and promote ecological and human health.

Farm & Agriculture ~ Earth & Life Science ~ Engineering & Design