Round the Bend Farm’s Cash for Carne+ CSA program allows you to choose a package size that best fits your family.

With your Cash for Carne+ card, you can buy not only our sustainable healthy meats but also RTB-grown seasonal produce, herbs & fruit RTB homemades such as kraut, kimchi, pesto, peanut butter, jam & more!

All animals are raised here on the farm by Paradox Acres & Goatbusters

If you are interested in becoming a member please see the sign-up form below with instructions on how to sign up. We are proud of this program in an effort to bring healthy meats to our community! If you have any questions please email

“I love supporting your model of sustainability and getting meat I know is raised and slaughtered in the healthiest and most humane way.” – 2023 CSA member

“I love and look forward to the CSA every year. The quality is exceptional. The people are nice too! Thank you”-2022 CSA Member

“We are so thankful to have access to this CSA and the folks at RTB- We love you” -2021 CSA Member

“We enjoyed all the cuts of meat that we get. Everyone is very friendly when we come to farm days. Love that we can pick up extra things like veggies, jams, herbs” -2021 CSA Member